The flagship slogan of most companies is “develop your career with us”, “development opportunities” or other containing the word “development”. The definition of development will be different for each company. Mainly, it is taking care of employees' competences and improving their skills. But do you know in which direction your employee wants to go and whether the company or the team he is currently in will allow him to go in the chosen direction?

What is competence?

It's the knowledge, abilities, skills as well as the personality, values and style of the individual's work that affect the level of competence of your employee creating value for the company. Competence mapping is a key in creating an organization that builds and uses employee competencies to maximize business success. Thanks to this tool we will identify the potential of people who have the chance to improve their competences in a direction that will serve the needs of the company.

Mapping competences can be done two ways:

- starting from identifying the company's needs, creating a list of skills, abilities and knowledge required for individual positions, followed by comparison with the competences of employees and determining their development path,
- at first knowing the competences of employees, secondly, based on these data - building the strength of the company and then determining development paths that will be crucial for the success of the company.

Measure also the efficiency in the company - the current and desired one by determining the selected scale for each competence important for the development of the company or team. The results will show which competence you lack the most, and which is already developed and there is no need to develop it at present.

Creating a map of competences gives a clear view of which employees or team members have a predisposition to develop in a given direction. On the Competence platform you can assess each employee's and then offer them training, recommendations of materials, articles and webinars needed to raise employee competences. Selected recommendations send to them automatically based on pre-set rules, so the HR department saves time on preparing paths, sending materials, monitoring progress and reporting.

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