According to data for 2019, more than 52% of all global Internet traffic is generated via mobile phones. It means one thing - mLearning.

Whether at work, on the subway or on the beach - your phone becomes a portable (and less boring) university that you can access at any time and place. But how to learn on such a small device?

For those who do not believe in the effectiveness of mLearning, we refute the myth - learning on the device is effective, but only if the screen does not display too many elements that could distract us. Also the key here is the use of responsive web applications, so that the content will be matched to the size of the display, and none of the elements during learning will not be omitted.

Why mobile?

In addition to the already known advantage, which is being accesible always and everywhere, there is another extremely important advantage - inside motivation. From the point of view of the employees, elearning will be relevant in their development at the workplace, for the client - significant when acquiring information about the product or its usage. Informed user will trust us, because he will be convinced that he uses the right source.

How can we make learning material more interesting?

Through the variety of impressions affecting our sensory stimuli. The mobile device allows a number of activities such as watching movies, listening to music and podcasts, and recently uses our cameras in AR or displays for VR. The possibilities are multiplied day by day and the combination of the above features gives the user an interesting interactive interface and the possibility of participating in gamification.

Since smartphones appeared on the mobile market, they have ceased to be just a tool for calling or sending text messages. They have become an indispensable organizer of our lives, providing a lot of information and entertainment, now also education and self-development.

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