Technological progress has given us the opportunity to access information here and now. When we want to learn something, go somewhere, do something or buy, with the help of a mobile device, we quickly search for the desired knowledge. Such impulses to respond to a given need are called micro-moments, which significantly affect the customer's journey, particularly important for the branding of the company. According to Google specialists, we distinguish 4 such micro-moments:

- I want to know - when person is making a research about something
- I want to go - when somebody wants to go to somewhere nearby
- I want to do - when someone wants to try something new or needs a help
- I want to buy - when someone wants an information what and how to buy desired thing

Together with micro-moments, a new way of learning has been created - microlearning.

Microlearning is a modern and highly effective approach to learning, where through appropriate types of short lessons, we absorb new knowledge along with healthy learning habits.

It is based on three elements:
1. Learning in a single concept - at the same time only one skill/behavior is formed.
2. Contextual meaning - interweaving theory with practice, for example: the implementation of learned competence in the workplace.
3. Multimodal media - using the student's emotions to make him curious and involved in the content of the lesson by using video, audio and text.


Together with microlearning, our commitment to learning is 50% higher, because we have access to it anytime, anywhere. During 3-7 minutes, we are more focused and the retention of acquired information is three times higher. In addition, the implementation of courses based on microlearning due to its modular nature is simpler, less time-consuming and reduces the costs of competence development in the enterprise by as much as 50%.

Learning took on a new, efficient character. From thick books and expensive time spent on stationary training, to several-minute e‑learning available for everyone, anytime and anywhere.

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