The beauty of learning

Wide product range. Short life cycle of the product. Dispersed sales network. Young customer service staff. The main challenge: to reach all stakeholders with the product and procedure information in a fast and efficient way. Competence was the right answer for those crucial needs.

The scope of work:

Competence platform implementation

Tailor made functionalities' introduction

Support services (Help desk, Platform management, Hosting)

E‑learning materials' development

Certified staff

As a beauty industry brand, Semilac's products are distributed in several ways - in traditional trade directly to the end customer and via beauty salons, where they are applied.

The goal is to train the beauticians as well as customer service staff to be a brand ambassadors, leverage their competences and engage in brand world as much as possible.

Competence for Semilac professes gamification rules, which are used for certification and assigning specific ranks to the user. All of this encourage users to gain new skills faster and more efficiently.

Users can attend e‑learning trainings, sign up for traditional training or take part in webinars (free or paid) and gain rank points on platform.

Internal communication tool

Competence for Semilac is also used as an internal communication tool (active usage of notification module), onboarding platform for new employees, self development tool for engaged employees.

“The content and the idea how to organize it is the key for Competence success”

This modern tool thanks to differentiation of content is interesting for all internal users, from regular warehouse staff to top management.

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