More and more brands focus on the development of users' skills. Sometimes this applies to constant improvement of employees' qualifications within the organization. Sometimes they focus more on the community gathered around the brand.

Why are LMS platforms more and more popular? What stands behind their success?

LMS is our specialty. We research the market, verify users' needs and learn about trends, working in the new technologies. The growing interest in e‑learning platforms makes us improve our offer by preparing solutions that correspond to the needs of our clients. After analyzing individual customer expectations, we create the shape of the platform by adjusting the functional scope. We work on logic, mechanics, design and software. We consider the possible directions of development. If necessary, we integrate with the current IT environment.

This approach makes the client work in a well-known environment. It is extremely important for efficient adaptation of the client and platform users.

Why Tailor made, not open source?

The comparison of these two types of solutions is like comparing a suit made to measure and purchased in a high-street shop. And both of them fulfill their role, but are both equally convenient? Will we be equally willing to use both of them? Frequency of using the LMS platform is the basis of its success. The most carefully prepared content presented in an unattractive form will not make the user come back. An attractive form should not be made by accident. It must be carefully prepared content and visual content that makes the user want to click. These are functionalities that are interesting and easy to use. Intuitiveness defends itself.

Tailor made

• Adapting the structure to individual needs
• Graphics, animations and videos developed particullary for the client
• Integration with internal systems and databases
• Post-implementation support and multiple development paths

Open source

• Large selection
• Low cost
• Fast implementation time (usually only registration)

How to reduce costs and implementation time of tailor made tool? By choosing a solution tailored to our needs, but ... not built completely from scratch. Based on the basic functional scope, we add one by one next functionalities from the scope or individual ones. We minimize the time needed to build the 'engine' of a platform, using it to adapt to the individual needs of the customer (like stuctures and procedures).

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