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Automotive market was the first branch where we introduced the competence management platform. The complexity of sales network and quite high rotation among client service staff members was a trigger for a change from traditional trainings to holistic approach to competence development. To obtain new goals Volkswagen Financial Services turned to us for help in preparing a right solution for a complex platform which will provide a very effective way (quality- and budget-wise) of competence development among sales network staff and internal employees.

The scope of work:

Competence platform implementation

Tailor made functionalities' introduction

Support services (Help desk, Platform management, Hosting)

E‑learning materials' development

Challenge. Solution. Success.

What was the challenge? VWFS is a financial institution, which means that it is a subject to the control of state authorities. The competences of internal employees and client service staff who sale financial and insurance products needs to be monitored and reported in a specific manner.

Thanks to introduction of Competence platform, VWFS gained one tool to collect all the information about users.

With tailor made reports we can collect all user’s activities (such as history of learning, completed trainings, test and surveys), which are available on user’s profile. Managing the career path, adjusting the right knowledge content to the user’s position is a key in here.

Evolution pays off

Competence nowadays is among a few strategic tools in VWFS organisation. Constantly improved to meet users' and business' needs. Over 8 years it changed many times in case of functionalities, new design, the way of providing content, reporting and structure. It always reflects the actual state of VWFS organisation, market trends and requirements what makes it a useful and effective tool.

“Competence is a zone for continuous self development and efficient employees' management.”

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